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Public Relations

Press is everything! We maintain strong relationships with media reps in order to create, manage, and implement PR campaigns with the goal of enriching a company’s position within the public eye. Sendra Media works with numerous major media outlets to bring your brand the best possible coverage. With the right product, a compelling story, and the proper connections top influencers will begin to press about you!

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Digital Marketing

We will tell your story across social networks, digital ads, videos, blogs, and all things digital by creating a story board that ties it all together. Our team creates, implements, and analyzes every step of the way. We do all the digital advertising, content creation, and profile managing for you.

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Brand Management & Business development

Identity is important for any product in today’s competitive marketplace. As your brand manager, we are concerned with creating a lasting impression among consumers and improving product sales and market share. This is achieved by making sure your organization’s advertising and marketing activities send out the right image.

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Website design

Your website speaks who volumes on who your company is before a consumer even speaks to anyone. It takes 3 seconds for someone to decide if they even want to do business with you. We design a website that will not only bring you business, but also one that will make your company a brand.

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We get all up in your business. Meaning, we want to know where your organization has been, where you are and where you want to go. Then, we craft the message that needs to be heard, and determine how and where it should be heard. From traditional advertising (like magazines and TV ads) to out-of-home media (like billboards and bus wraps) to online display and search ads, we consider all your media options, then design a marketing plan that meets your goals.

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